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Susterra® 1,3-propanediol is an innovative, specialty diol that provides both high performance and renewable content.

Susterra® is a biobased, petroleum-free alternative for companies developing sustainable products —without sacrificing performance or quality.

Susterra® 1,3-propanediol can be used as a solvent or building block material in the following industrial markets:

Susterra® 1,3-propanediol is used in a wide variety of applications including:

Adhesives and Sealants Engineering polymers
Automotive Fibers
Coatings and Inks HVAC Applications
Cooling Systems Ice Rinks
Deicer for Aircraft and Runways Solar and Geothermal Systems
Elastomers Snow Melt Systems

Key benefits of Susterra®:

  • Low toxicity, lower freeze point depression and biodegradability beneficial in deicing applications.
  • Improved heat stability and less corrosion in anti-freeze applications, resulting in longer life for today’s high-performance engines.
  • Improved flexibility and impact resistance of resins made with Susterra® propanediol

For more detailed technical information, visit the different applications where Susterra® is used.

If you have an application that requires a glycol compliant with US Pharmacopeia Food Chemical Codex specifications, please contact us.