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Zemea® propanediol is a natural, preservative-boosting humectant that provides formulators a versatile, high performance, sustainable ingredient for innovative new product development.

Zemea® propanediol can be used as a solvent, humectant or enzyme stabilizer in these consumer markets:

Zemea® propanediol can currently be used in a wide variety of segments such as:

Color Cosmetics Cleansers
Deodorants Hand Detergents
Hair Care Laundry Detergents 
Oral Care Glass Cleaners
Skin Care Rug Cleaners
Sunscreens Wipes

Key benefits of Zemea® in cosmetics and personal care:

  • No skin irritation
  • Improved skin moisturization 
  • Boosts preservative efficacy
  • Excellent sensory characteristics
  • Natural and biobased certifications

Key benefits of Zemea® in laundry and household cleaning:

  • Enzyme stabilizer in liquid laundry for longer shelf life
  • Eco-friendly, 100% biobased solvent
  • Certified natural by the Natural Products Association
  • Approved under CleanGredients Design for the Environment (DfE) program 
For more detailed technical information and sample formulations, visit the different applications where Zemea® is used.